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27th March 2016

Les regards

There is a new source of inspiration at work in the Amanzé art studio.  Work is outspokenly figurative, represents recognizable human faces and well-known religious topics like mother and child.  There is a tendency to combine contradictory states of mind or attitudes or feelings (young, radiant happy faces contrasting with sad, grieved, marked and even disfigured or exalted faces) Where and when possible this inspirational content manifests itself in representations where two or three different expressions are present at the same time. There are also examples of ambiguity, waiting for a reading that shifts from one interpretation to the other. 


The resulting format is basically that of a slice of clay that has been moulded into a slightly protruding surface on which all sorts of disfiguring marks are visible, engraved lines, indentations, traces of colours and more of the kind.  These three dimensional objects are an extremely powerful and successful expression of a deep-seated feeling of compassion.

W P F De Geest

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